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My Citation Lawyer App exploits a platform that offers and/or provides the services of an attorney, eligible to practice in the State applicable to the citation(s) received by the client customer. This platform is accessible through the mobile application and the website at gotaticketapp.com. Once the client customer signs in and creates an account, they upload either manually or by OCR scanner provided in the mobile application, their citation(s) information and make the requisite payment. Once payment is processed an attorney will be assigned to the case and the attorney shall be responsible for the notice of appearance, the written plea of not guilty, and the court appearances required. Attorney(s) shall be responsible for making legal arguments and resolving cases to the client’s best interest. The attorney is not responsible for the court costs, fines, driving school, or any other condition that the traffic magistrate or criminal traffic Judge should order. The attorney does not guarantee an outcome, or promise an outcome. The attorney shall act ethically and in a manner that the customer client is put in the best position considering the facts, the testimony of the officer(s), and the driving record of the customer client.

My Citation Lawyer App is not responsible for points or a driver license suspension that may be accrued on a customer client driver license as a result of the acceptance of a plea or resolution to a customer client citation(s). If your citation(s) is late, you will be charged the proper fee to reinstate your license, should you desire, and the late fees associated with such. Please keep in mind the late fees are determined by the clerk of court in the competent jurisdiction of the citation(s) and are not included in the base price of the citation when uploaded or the information from the citation(s) manually entered. All court costs, fees, fines, driving school, and or points assessed on a resolution of a citation are the responsibility of the customer client. My Citation Lawyer App will send out notifications of the resolution of your citation(s) through the application by email, or through United States Post, should that be the method you agree upon receiving notice. If you have any questions you can always hit “contact us” through the mobile application or through contact on the website. The Attorney will respond within a reasonable period of time and answer any and all concerns of the customer client.