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Most non-criminal citations cost $70.00. To see how much your citation will cost please login and enter your citation information for a payment screen that will show you in detail.

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No more being in the dark about the result of your citation. No more suspended license or late fees due to forgetting about your ticket, or fighting it after the deadline.

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My citation lawyer mobile app is free to download. When you are ready to hire us download the app enter your information and you will be promoted to pay for our services once your citation is properly uploaded and entered.

Don't want to download the app? Got too many apps on your phone? Use the website to achieve the same effect. Enter your info on the website and pay for our services with a click of a button. Sit back and relax knowing your citation is being handled by the best!

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Why download Mycitationlawyer app?

You will often times think that it’s better for you to pay your ticket, but professionals think otherwise. To pay your citation means to admit guilt. Some citations carry points, and if you accumulate a certain number of points, your license could be suspended for a period of time. Some citations may not carry points, but that should not mean that it is ok to pay it! Fight that citation! By downloading the app or registering on this website you will be able to raise your chances of having this ticket dismissed or in the alternative, receiving no conviction on your record. By paying your citation you automatically add to your driving record. Most cops and clerks at the courthouse will not tell you that. It is NOT easier to pay the citation. No matter how big or small your citation, whether it is for tint violations or not having insurance or even a DUI, download MyCitationLawyer APP and let us go to work for you.


Results are not guaranteed. Results vary on the citation, driving record history, and officer testimony in trial cases. Points and driving school are possible. Convictions or points are possible. It is our attorneys’ number one goal to try to get your ticket dismissed; in the alternative the best plea deal. Each citation is different in facts and circumstances and is analyzed on a case by case basis.


Our goal is to get your citation dismissed. If we cannot do that, you may have to pay court costs and or fines that will be determined by the statute that you are cited under. No points or your money back provided you have a good driving record.

You will receive a notification indicating the success of your citation and payment being uploaded and received by the attorney.

Your attorney will notify you if your presence is required in court. Most times, an officer will check that your infraction requires a court appearance, but once you hire MyCitationLawyer, your presence can always be waived in court.

Court costs are received if after you fight your ticket, it does not get dismissed, there are fines and court costs associated with each citation. Court costs can be paid through the links provided on or through the final results notification that is sent to you through the mobile app..

You may have to pay late fees. If your ticket is late you will receive a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you receive this letter please notify the attorney right away. Any fees owed to clear a license suspension or late fees will be discussed over the telephone once the attorney has reviewed your citation.

You will notice that the letter will have a date of suspension on it. If you have paid the late fee, or if the attorney has been successful in having the Court delete the late fees, prior to that date outlined on the letter, your license should not be suspended. The Department of Motor Vehicles sends out those letters in advance of the date of suspension and sometimes the payment of late fees and the letter being mailed out crosspaths.

Many police officers and clerks at the courthouse may tell you that your ticket is only a few dollars and that you can pay it. The problem with paying a ticket outright is that it will show up on your driving record! What they don’t explain to you is once you pay that ticket at the counter or online you are admitting guilt. In most situations our attorney is able to find a legal reason to have your citation dismissed. Why pay even a small fee to the clerk of courts for something nominal to appear on your driving record?

If you have proof of a driver’s license, registration, or insurance card, you can provide this information to the attorney that is assigned to you so that your ticket can be dismissed and nothing will appear on your driving record.

Whatever the chances are they are better than a definite mark on your driving record by paying for it and admitting guilty.

The attorney that is taking care of your citation is available to speak to you during business hours if you would like to speak to them. The attorney appears on your behalf in court for the “pre-trial conference.” If possible, the attorney attempts legal arguments to get the ticket dismissed. IF none of the arguments are successful, the attorney will make a decision to either plea your case out or set it for trial. Factors that the attorney will take into consideration before resolving your case are: your driving record history, any pending citations, what you were cited for in this citation that is being handled in court, and what the police officer says about you (i.e. your attitude good/bad). If it is to your advantage to have the ticket set for trial, the attorney will do so.

You will receive a notification in your mobile app or an email and a physical letter sent to your mailing address that you signed up with. Please make sure you give us a valid address so that you will not miss out on what happened with your ticket. In the event that you do not receive a notification please call us to find out what the status of your ticket is.

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